Kia Ora

Kia Ora everyone my name is Alex and I go to Saint Patrick’s School. My mum and dad are full Samoan so that makes me full Samoan too. I am a year 8 at Saint Patrick’s School I have 13 siblings. My favorite things to do are playing rugby and soccer and math. I love ice cream because it’s tasty. When I come back home from school I Like to eat ice cream.

I hope you enjoy my blog please come back and read more about my learning

💯🏉Tamaki cluster touch tournament

On the second of November, the seniors all gathered and were getting ready for the touch tournament. We are not allowed to go if there are no 4 adults to supervise us but luckily 6 adults came so thank you because for the last few years there were no parents that came so we weren’t able to go.


As when we got down there we all sat down and took a break after that we got into our team and trained because in five minutes we were going to be on the field playing. And I also want to thank Ethan’s dad for helping us get ready for our game. 


At the end of the day, we did not win a game but we did not go down there to win, we went down there to have fun. Some teams supported us and told us that we were good but some were trash talking. We just left behind our backs and walked back to school like warriors.


My dream

When i was fast asleep i had this weird dream i saw a girl levitating up high in the clear blue sky she looked at the beautiful sunset then she finally noticed me. I said hi but she did not answer and just grabbed me and then i started flying with her. I was amazed by the beautiful island this girl was living on. I tried to ask her where I was, but she did not reply. Then I finally woke up and all I could hear was a scream outside my window. 

I saw a girl with a big giant sword and a monster hurting her so I ran outside my house and jumped and caught her before she could be slaughtered by the monster’s big giant claws. The strange girl said run away you coward instead i ran and big up her sword and sliced the giant monster.

She explained that she was a soul reaper from a strange place called the soul society and that monster that I just sliced was called a hollow. I told her that I saw this monster when I was a young boy. I even told her that my name means protector of humankind. Then she just fell but I caught her and took her to my bedroom while I slept on my floor.

I really liked what i put into this story

Mission Day

When everyone arrived at school we all went and bought raffle tickets. Some of us just went and played then the bell rang and we all had to go to class. When we all went to our class we had to get prepared for mass. So we went and had our mass under the big canopy so the teacher announced some stuff about prices so we all went back to class and did our test and the sun was slowly rising on our faces. After everyone did their test the bell rang and we all went outside to buy more raffle tickets.

Then the bell rang again and then we all went to our class and watched our movie. It was so much fun we even got to see the romantic side of the movie. Then we all went under the canopy again and it was so much fun but i did not get a price but I was still happy for those people that got prices.

Why We Should Learn To Control Pests by Alex.

Why should we control pests because they would eat all of our native birds and leaves. The other The reason why we should control pests is that they might make hole’s in the farmer’s farm and eat all of their crops.


If we don’t control pests or teach them they will eat all of our resources. That is why we should stop them, we even need to stay away from them because they will attack us like a wasp.


If we also let them go inside the wild they will eat the tree’s bark and then the tree can not suck sap anymore and die. 

Kaitiakitanga trip

When room 7 went to Cornwall park we got our stuff prepared and Chris taught us all about pests and traps. We hopped on the bus and started our road trip to Cornwall when we got there we got split into two groups. some went with Charlie and Lisa and some went with Chris.


The people that went with Chris saw traps and the sheep, and lambs but the people that went with Charlie and Lisa explored the leaves and the weta hotel they learn about the kauri tree, rimu and totara tree it was so much fun and then we and then the group that went with Chris before go with Charlie and Lisa and the people that went with Charlie and Lisa go with Chris.


After all the fun exploring we came back and had something to eat when we had something to eat we all had our chance to go to the toilet. After when we all went we played some games then we used the binoculars to spot some birds and trees some of us were looking at each other with it after that the bus arrived and we had to go back when we came back we set our tacking tunnel.