Kaitiakitanga trip

When room 7 went to Cornwall park we got our stuff prepared and Chris taught us all about pests and traps. We hopped on the bus and started our road trip to Cornwall when we got there we got split into two groups. some went with Charlie and Lisa and some went with Chris.


The people that went with Chris saw traps and the sheep, and lambs but the people that went with Charlie and Lisa explored the leaves and the weta hotel they learn about the kauri tree, rimu and totara tree it was so much fun and then we and then the group that went with Chris before go with Charlie and Lisa and the people that went with Charlie and Lisa go with Chris.


After all the fun exploring we came back and had something to eat when we had something to eat we all had our chance to go to the toilet. After when we all went we played some games then we used the binoculars to spot some birds and trees some of us were looking at each other with it after that the bus arrived and we had to go back when we came back we set our tacking tunnel. 


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