💯🏉Tamaki cluster touch tournament

On the second of November, the seniors all gathered and were getting ready for the touch tournament. We are not allowed to go if there are no 4 adults to supervise us but luckily 6 adults came so thank you because for the last few years there were no parents that came so we weren’t able to go.


As when we got down there we all sat down and took a break after that we got into our team and trained because in five minutes we were going to be on the field playing. And I also want to thank Ethan’s dad for helping us get ready for our game. 


At the end of the day, we did not win a game but we did not go down there to win, we went down there to have fun. Some teams supported us and told us that we were good but some were trash talking. We just left behind our backs and walked back to school like warriors.


One thought on “💯🏉Tamaki cluster touch tournament

  1. Good blog leki, reading this made it very easy to imagine what it was like in the tournament because of the good writing. Keep it up

    God loves you

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