My dream

When i was fast asleep i had this weird dream i saw a girl levitating up high in the clear blue sky she looked at the beautiful sunset then she finally noticed me. I said hi but she did not answer and just grabbed me and then i started flying with her. I was amazed by the beautiful island this girl was living on. I tried to ask her where I was, but she did not reply. Then I finally woke up and all I could hear was a scream outside my window. 

I saw a girl with a big giant sword and a monster hurting her so I ran outside my house and jumped and caught her before she could be slaughtered by the monster’s big giant claws. The strange girl said run away you coward instead i ran and big up her sword and sliced the giant monster.

She explained that she was a soul reaper from a strange place called the soul society and that monster that I just sliced was called a hollow. I told her that I saw this monster when I was a young boy. I even told her that my name means protector of humankind. Then she just fell but I caught her and took her to my bedroom while I slept on my floor.

I really liked what i put into this story

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